Past Exhibitions

FRANK BRUNO: A Life Devoted to THE END.

Frank Bruno, Can't Anyone Hear The Horses!, 1998, oil on wood board

July 9, 2013 – February 2, 2014

Third Floor Gallery, Zanvyl A. Krieger Main Building

American Visionary Art Museum presents FRANK BRUNO: A Life Devoted to THE END—a hot hellfire and damnation exhibition featuring 14 masterworks created over the last five decades by visionary true believer Frank Bruno, with mind-blowing attention to detail. An apocalyptic painter and fierce social critic, Frank Bruno's work and thinking have been fueled by his study of Messianic and end of the world books and preaching.

Born March 22, 1925 on a ranch 50 miles south of Tombstone, just outside of Douglas, Arizona to parents of Italian American heritage. Bruno's Mother, Rose, was pregnant with Frank when her eldest son George, age 14, was killed in an automobile accident. Frank remembers she kept his brother's bloodstained clothes in a trunk for years. Suffering from severe asthma as a child, Frank spent his days indoors, obsessed with drawing pictures of war: soldiers marching and in combat, and aircraft and battleships engaged in fighting. Two months after Pearl Harbor, young Frank enlisted in the Navy, and looking back, he feels that the war years were the only time he felt "truly alive." After 15 successful years in the commercial art field, Bruno gradually began to realize that making commercial art was not what he had been put on earth to do.

Increasingly concerned by world politics, greed and immorality, Frank moved back to the desert, and occupied one room in his mother's turn of the century hotel as his painting studio for many years. Frank's work reflects his belief in the biblical prophesy that only one-third of the earth's population will survive the seven-year period of The Great Tribulation, "a time when mankind will mistakenly embrace the Antichrist, and the Gates of Hell open wide to receive its own." Bruno sees himself as a modern-day watchman, whose duty is to alert people to the approaching evil and destruction.

"I see danger—awake! It's terrible, it's horrible, and it's almost here! This is why my spirit was sent to earth. This is the job God has given me. This is the job I must do, so my hands will be free of your blood." –Frank Bruno