FAQ about AVAM Fan Club Membership

How do I purchase an AVAM Fan Club Membership? When can I start using it?

AVAM Fan Club Memberships can be used immediately. You can purchase an AVAM Fan Club Membership in 1 of 3 ways:

  • Online:

    You will receive a confirmation email that you can print and bring to the AVAM Visitor Service Desk for admission. Online purchases can be made here.
  • At our Visitor Service Desk:

    New Fan Club Members are issued a temporary Fan Club Membership card with a 2-week expiration date and can be used until your permanent cards arrive in the mail.
  • By phone (during hours of operation):

    To purchase your AVAM Fan Club membership, call (410) 244-1900 Visitor Service staff can assist you or you can speak with the Fan Club Membership Associate at ext. 238.

Can I purchase an AVAM Fan Club Membership as a gift?

Yes, AVAM Fan Club Gift Memberships can be purchased in any of the 3 ways above. If purchasing online, please provide your "Donor" contact information in the "Contact Information" field and list the recipient's Name; Address; Email and Phone Number in the "Gift Membership" field along with any other special notes or instructions. Please note whether AVAM should mail the membership directly to the recipient or send it to you (gift membership donor).

Can I apply my admission towards a membership?

Yes, we encourage visitors to apply their admission towards membership. All admission to membership conversions must be done on the same day that admission was purchased at the Visitor Service Desk.

What are Fan Club Members Benefits?

Every AVAM Fan Club Membership comes with:
  • Unlimited admission for one year to the American Visionary Art Museum and special exhibitions
  • 2 one-time use admission passes (valid only for regular museum admission, special events excluded)
  • $2 off admission for non-member guests visiting with you (up to 5 discounts per visit)
  • 10% discount at Sideshow (our beloved gift shop) and at Encantada (a truly enchanting dining experience)
  • Discounts on many AVAM workshops, such as Mosaics and Shiny Happy Things. (Excludes Weekend Walk-Ins and Make & Take workshops)
  • Free AVAM Fan Club Members-Only events, such as the Exhibition Preview Party, special receptions, and Flicks from the Hill Fan Club Member Happy Hour
  • Discounted tickets to special programs and events such as our Gala, Flicks from the Hill Premier Party and more!
  • Visions Magazine (AVAM's yearly exhibition publication)

Does the American Visionary Art Museum share member information with other organizations or businesses?

AVAM respects the privacy of our Fan Club Members and will never share your information. We ask for your: mailing address, phone number, and email. This way we can keep you updated on upcoming AVAM events and news or contact you in case your membership packet is returned.

How long is my AVAM Fan Club Membership valid?

Your AVAM Fan Club Membership is valid for 12 months from the month of purchase. For example: if you purchased a Fan Club Membership on July 20, 2017, your Fan Club Membership will expire on July 31, 2018.

Do both people on a Senior Couple Fan Club Membership have to be over 60?

Only one person needs to be over 60.

Can anyone be on my AVAM Fan Club Membership or does it have to be people in my household?

Anyone (including non-family members) can be included on your AVAM Fan Club Membership. If you purchase a single Fan Club membership, only one Membership card will be issued with your name and only you will receive membership benefits. However, if you purchase a multiple person Fan Club membership, AVAM requires only one person to be named on the membership. Any remaining card(s) can be used for your guest(s) (i.e. "Smith Guest"). This way you are not restricted to bring the same named members with you to the museum each time you visit. These permanent "Guest" cards also allow you to bring people to free AVAM Fan Club Members-Only events and provide discounts on ticketed events and workshops for anyone you wish to include, as long as you do not exceed the maximum number of people on your membership.

I have a child/family member that has a caregiver; can we include them on our AVAM Membership? I have many grandchildren who love to visit the museum can we include them on a membership?

Our Family-Plus Fan Club Membership (6 people) was designed for caregivers and large families. You can either include their names on the AVAM Fan Club Membership or they can use one of your “Guest” cards.

I love to bring guests to visit the American Visionary Art Museum, but my membership doesn't cover all the people I have visiting with me today. What can I do to allow more people to come with me?

Every AVAM Fan Club Membership comes with 2 free one-time use admission passes, which must be surrendered at time of use. AVAM does not track these one-time use guest passes and members are responsible for their safekeeping. After these passes have been used, we offer $2.00 off each admission up to 5 people per day. You can also upgrade your membership to a multi-person level and add "Guest" cards just by paying the difference of whatever membership you are upgrading to. (Please note: when upgrading a membership it does not extend your expiration date and extra one-time use passes are not given).

Can anyone use my AVAM Fan Club Membership card or can I give my membership to someone else?

No, memberships are non-transferable and your personalized AVAM Fan Club Membership card is for you only. As a non-profit organization we rely on membership and admission to help sustain our programs and exhibitions. We thank you for your cooperation.

Is there reciprocity to other cultural institutions included with my AVAM Fan Club Membership?

Unfortunately, the American Visionary Art Museum does not have reciprocity with other cultural institutions. However, we do have partnerships with local institutions throughout the year that provide AVAM members with special deals and discounts. To stay current with AVAM partnerships you can sign up for email check out our monthly Fan Mail e-newsletter or our website.

What exhibits will I see during the course of my membership?

AVAM has an annual thematic exhibition, which opens to the public every October and runs through Labor Day Weekend. Other galleries at AVAM change over every 1-2 years. Depending on the timing of your membership, you can see at least 2 different exhibitions. All exhibition-opening events are free to members. Please see member benefits for more details.

Is my AVAM Fan Club Membership tax deductible?

A portion of your AVAM Fan Club Membership is tax deductible. AVAM is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. [Our federal tax ID #52-1608934] Membership contributions, less the fair market value of offered benefits ($29), are tax deductible. For example: With a $35 membership, $6 is deductible; With a $50 membership $21 is deductable; $100 membership $79 is deductible; and so on.

What if I did not receive my membership cards in the mail?

Membership materials are generally received within 2-3 weeks of purchase. If you do not receive your Fan Club Membership packet in the mail within a month please contact AVAM Fan Club Membership Associate immediately. You reach her by email: Melissa@avam.org or phone: (410) 244-1900 Ext.238 to verify your address and request permanent Fan Club Membership cards. If you come to the Museum without your card, please check in at Visitor Service desk with a photo ID to receive a temporary card that will entitle you to all of the benefits of your Membership for that day. If you purchased your Membership online, please present your email confirmation.

How do I replace my card if it's lost or stolen?

If you have lost or misplaced your permanent Membership card, you may request a duplicate card by sending your full name and address to Melissa@avam.org. Please be aware that you can still visit the Museum even without your membership card by showing a photo ID at the Visitor Service desk and our staff will look you up in our membership database. AVAM will issue free replacement cards once per membership year. If cards are lost a second time, a $5 replacement fee applies.

I am a business owner/corporation. Do you have Corporate Memberships?

AVAM has Corporate Memberships. Download pdf for more information. To Join as a Corporate Members please call Melissa Mauro at (410) 244-1900 ext. 238 or email Melissa Mauro.

I want to give a fully tax deductible gift to AVAM's Annual Fund. Can I do that online?

Yes, you can donate to AVAM's Annual Fund online. Unfortunately, you cannot pay for membership and give to the annual fund in one transaction; these payments will have to be done separately. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience.

A Groupon I bought has expired. Can I still use it?

The promotional value of Groupon expires, but you never lose out on the money you spent on it. The amount you paid can be applied towards Fan Club Membership or admission. For example: if you bought a $20 Groupon and you want a Couple Fan Membership, instead of paying for a $75.00. Couple Fan Membership you would pay $55. Multiple Groupons can be applied in the same transaction, as well as expired Groupon. The same application can be used for museum admission.