Logan Visionary Conference 2018
"Two Views of Heaven: Spiritual/Theological and Astrophysical/Scientific"

Highways by Ingo Swann. On loan from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC

Please join us as we explore "Two Views of Heaven"

  • When: Sunday, March 11, 2018
  • Time: 1pm-4pm Presentations • 4pm Audience Q&A
  • Place: Jim Rouse Visionary Center, 3rd floor
  • Cost: FREE, however, please click here to RSVP online.

In complement to AVAM’s latest mega-exhibition, The Great Mystery Show, this year’s Logan Visionary Conference explores celestial mysteries, "Two Views of Heaven: Spiritual/Theological and Astrophysical/Scientific." All the presenters are "sleuths for the truth" – dedicated experts who artfully and joyfully seek to understand life’s greatest mysteries and to inspire deeper thinking in all of us.

These innovative thinkers are committed to tight, short, lively, plain speech expression of the highlights of their life’s research and work in the effort to deepen our communal reflection on the enduring mysteries of the heavens and our relationship to them.


  • Father James Kurzynski (Keynote Speaker): Author with the Vatican Observatory Foundation, priest of the Diocese of La Crosse, WI, and a member of both the Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society and the La Crosse Area Astronomical Society
  • Alex Chionetti: Author, journalist, filmmaker, and an explorer who personally discovered two lost ancient Inca cities, Alex Chionetti is a respected expert on Ufology as well the Marian Apparition phenomena. Chionetti was one of the main researchers and developers of the hit television series, "Ancient Aliens".
  • Nancy du Tertre: Author, securities attorney turned psychic, and student of famed remote viewer Ingo Swann
  • John C. Mather (by video): Nobel Laureate in Physics for his measurements of cosmic microwave background radiation, which helped confirm the Big Bang theory
  • Michelle Thaller: PhD in astrophysics, Education and Public Outreach Program Manager with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

The Logan Visionary Conference is made possible as a FREE, PUBLIC EVENT through the kindness and generosity of The Reva and David Logan Foundation.

The event is free, however please click here to RSVP online.