Chat with curators worldwide 9/16

  • Date: Wed., September 16, All Day
  • Cost: Free.
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  • Location: On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

How does our curator choose works for our shows? What's on her playlist? On Wednesday, September 16, all day, simply ask a question on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #AskACurator, and curators around the world will get to as many as possible, along with our very own founder, director, and principal curator Rebecca Hoffberger! Feel free to tag us on Facebook (@theavam), Twitter (@theavam) or Instagram (@the_avam) so we see your question!

Ask a Curator Day started in 2010 in an effort to harness Twitter’s networking power to allow the public to chat directly with curators across the globe. The idea was to give a tangible behind-the-scenes to museums across the planet.

#AskACurator has trended number one on Twitter worldwide.

Over the past decade the event has grown under the watchful eye of Mar Dixon and it’s gone from being something that just takes place on Twitter to also encompass Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

We look forward to “chatting” with you on September 16 and sharing the love and importance of museums in our lives.