Virtual Educator Workshop: Dreams and REMembrance Boxes

What are your dreams and what are they saying?

Join us for a free virtual educator workshop inspired by sleep and dreams!

The American Visionary Art Museum in collaboration with Art and Remembrance, present Dreams and REMembrance Boxes, a FREE educator workshop. Inspired by the dream scenes sewn by artist Esther Krinitz, and several works featured in the new exhibition “The Science and Mystery of Sleep,” this workshop will focus on dreaming and mysteries of sleep. Sleep is essential to our wellbeing, now more than ever. Dreams are just as important as they allow us a peek into our subconscious and can also give us hope for a better future. Dress code: pajamas encouraged!

Learning Objectives:

After this virtual program, educators will have a better understanding of :

  • Sleep hygiene and self-care
  • The science behind sleep and dreaming
  • The science behind why we forget our dreams; and
  • Dreams, premonitions and bedroom sanctuaries in art.

The accompanying hands-on workshop will provide teachers with:

  • The types of dreams, and the meaning behind dreams’ symbolism and metaphors
  • Multicultural and trauma-informed approaches to collecting dreams
  • Ways to empower oneself by remembering and putting meaning behind dreams; and
  • Creative ways to introduce the topics in the classroom both virtually and in person.

During the workshop we will be creative in our approaches using decoupage, paint or anything you can easily work with during the session. Don’t worry if you can’t finish during the workshop once you get started you may think of other ideas. The REMembrance box can be an ongoing personalized work of art. So dig into those junk drawers, cut up some old stationery and birthday cards and get ready for an evening of creativity and an empowering journey of understanding what your dreams are whispering (or shouting) to you!

Materials You'll Need:

  • Tissue box or box with a slit, or another sturdy box that can be easily opened
  • Yarn
  • Beads, buttons, sparkly things
  • Acrylic paints, old nailpolish
  • Images that make you smile (from magazines, birthday/holiday cards etc)
  • Images that make you angry
  • Blank paper and tools to draw or sketch
  • Glue sticks/hot glue


The workshop is free, though you'll first need to >register online to receive the link to join us. Questions? Click here.