Giving Tuesday Now

Giving Tuesday Now at AVAM

Yes, we're worrying! A global day of giving and unity.

Help bring the healing power of AVAM to the world!

Giving Tuesday Now is a new global day for giving and unity taking place May 5, 2020. Intended as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19, it’s a single day, worldwide appeal for us to apply our individual powers of generosity of time, talent, or resources to remain connected and united in caring and concern. We ask for your consideration of support to continue bringing the healing and uplifting gifts of the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) to the world. Make your gift by clicking here.

We're giving back to YOU with a free-to-all happy hour in the artist's studio with Chris Wilson at 5:30pm EST.

Help us share the uplifting gift of AVAM with the World!

$1,000 in Total Gifts - Help Us Share an Art Workshop

Our online art workshops have been providing free, at-home activities for families while at home during this time. When overall online donations total $1,000, we'll publish an all new how-to online art workshop! Click here to help us towards this goal.

$2,500 in Total Gifts - Help Us Share an Art Workshop in Spanish

When total donations from you and other members of the public reach $2,500, we'll publish an intergenerational art workshop video in Spanish. Click here to give online.

$5,000 in Total Gifts - Help Us Share a Virtual Museum Tour

We'll release a new episode to the public of our virtual tour of our "The Secret Life of Earth” exhibition, when gifts total $5,000! It lays plain the issues of climate change and Earth’s majesty, narrated by our founder, director and principal curator, Rebecca Hoffberger. Click here to give online.

Virtual Happy Hour, 5:30pm EST

Friends, supporters, and general members of the public—everyone!—are invited to a free virtual happy hour in the artist studio of Chris Wilson. We want to celebrate all you do, and we wish to give back by offering this special event for free. Join us as Chris gives a personal tour of his studio and answers audience Q&A. The event is free, with pre-registration required. Click here to register.