Mindful Parenting Workshop with YogaWorks

Mindful Parenting Workshop with YogaWorks

Please join us as we explore becoming a more mindful parent.

  • When: Thursday, January 24
  • Time: 5:30pm-6pm: Exhibition tour • 6pm-7:15pm: Workshop
  • Cost: $30, $25 for YogaWorks & AVAM Members (Call 1-800-336-9642 X13 to redeem)
  • Online Registration: Register online by clicking here.

Join YogaWorks for a special parenting program. Every parent seeks to share their love with their children, to lead them towards a future they don’t know, but one that they hope to make brighter than their own. Keeping that connection to their intention clean and bright requires tending ourselves and our relationships. A contented, self-aware parent makes for resilient, self-aware kids. In our time together, we will:

  • Get clear. Everybody can do it. Anywhere, any outfit. Learn yoga techniques to reset after a long day or shift a moment that feels stuck.
  • Get intimate. After a long day, getting connected, we have more connection to offer. Discover how to maintain sweet intimacy with our partner as we actively balance the practical with the magical aspects of running a household.
  • Get informed. Discuss the qualities of ‘mothering’ versus ‘fathering’: how we all have both, when each is best applies, and what’s your dominant state as a parent, as a partner, and at work (So essential).

At your heart, you are your own best manual as a parent. There are tools and thoughts that can help. You’ll go home wiser and clearer and ready to share your light with you self & your family.

Meet Martha McAlpine

Raised abroad in Africa and Saudi Arabia as the youngest of 5 girls, Martha is a homeschool mama to Maddox (14) and Lily (12). A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Graduate School of Education with a focus on experiential curriculum design and learning styles, her kids are her lifelong dissertation.

Martha is also a teacher at YogaWorks with 20+ years of yoga and coaching experience. She is trained as a coach and facilitator to run workshops on movement and philosophy; to guide groups toward optimal wellness and how to live a Good Life.


$30, $25 for YogaWorks & AVAM Members (Call 1-800-336-9642 X13 to redeem)
For the general public, click here to register online or call 1-800-336-9642, ext 1.