A Personal Message from Founder and Director Rebecca Hoffberger

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A personal message from founder and director Rebecca Hoffberger

While the American Visionary Art Museum remains closed out of caring for the safety of our staff and visitors until further notice, Rebecca wished to send out a personal and visionary message that has already gone viral. Not wishing to in any way minimize concern the very real, too abundant, suffering, Rebecca wrote:

“For me and in all my 67 years, I think that this is the most grace-filled global experience and opportunity I've ever seen. A forced stillness, those who think their identity is their work—must stay home. The very rich who are often disproportionately insulated from suffering and calamity, have witnessed how, in just a few days of market panic, a vast portion of their wealth can disappear. The U.S. emphasis on spending billions on a physical wall as a key to defense is rendered worthless next to the power of an invader so small we can't even see it with our naked eyes, one that can proliferate on its own power, cross borders with ease, and traverse vast oceans, threatening fellow human beings of every stripe and on every continent—all in less than a couple months. My eldest daughter in Berlin, Germany is hunkered down in her home, as Germany has closed its borders. What a gift we can speak by phone and we have the time to do so. I believe that right now is the greatest globally shared awake experience since millions watched the first person walk on the moon. That famed event underscored our potential and illusion of conquering nature, this COVID-19 stresses our inherent and interconnected fragility and dependence on Nature as well as serves as powerful reset to contemplate what is truly most precious in our lives. No real shift to solving climate change can occur without a collective shift away from fossil fuel and petrol-based currencies and economies. At the same time we respond to the coronavirus, we see that the Saudis financially walloped Russia—a country so utterly financially dependent on their status as the #2 oil producer in the world. This is a new time of realizing we could globally cooperate and shift values and positive wise actions can be won for all. It was prophesied that by 2025 there will be a transformational and beautiful global evolutionary leap forward. I feel this time of pause and rewrite collective reality is the first step. It already achieved having diehard anti-universal medical care politicians understand the vital importance of universal medical services for ALL if you wish a healthy and safe America. Stay tuned. There is ABUNDANT GRACE afoot. Rediscover family, friendship, neighbors, quiet hood. No hoarding. May gentle care and sharing light ALL our way.

- Rebecca