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The Great Mystery Show

The Great Mystery Show

Oct 7, 2017–Sep 2, 2018

From psychics to physicists, The Great Mystery Show artfully peels away the veil of the unknown, playfully exploring mystery as that one secret power behind great art, science, and pursuit of the sacred.


Stephanie Lucas

Stephanie Lucas

(1975– )

Stephanie Lucas was born on November 19, 1975 in Picardy, France. She worked as a sales shop girl for 15 years and was very unhappy. One day, she heard a clear, strong voice say, "You must paint." Although she liked to draw when she was little, "It was very hard for me to begin painting. At first I just didn't understand why I was painting at all. But then began a great flow that runs and runs and never stops. I now understand the work that comes through me as an expression of some innate knowledge, linked to the heart of the creation of life itself." Lucas' complex paintings have been likened to those of the American outsider artist Joe Coleman for their precise detail, wrought with a delicate sensibility of color, symbolism and dimensionality. Lucas lives with her husband, also a visionary painter, in a small stone house in the province of Berry in central France, an area renowned for its rich variety of indigenous healing herbs, mystics and witches.

Stephanie Lucas, Detail: Demain led Chiens (Tomorrow the Dogs), 2010, Gift of the artist


To learn more about Stephanie Lucas, visit: http://www.greyart.com/